Quoting The Doctor

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Follow my new craft/DIY blog! :D

its a new blog to inspire fellow tumblr peoples to creat things :)

I just made it so there isnt many things on it yet

but you can request how to make things or even post your own art and tutorials :D

Have a crafty day~

Heres the link~

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Prayer Request

A denign brain tumor was found on my grandma after she passed out at work today. The doctor said its nothing serious but im asking for you guys to please reblog this and keep her in her prayers. Id hate to lose her :’(

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Anonymous was like: omg the doomsday music, gahh i basically started crying, love your blog <3

Thanks :D <3

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Sorry for not posing anything for so long…ive been busy. Submit something and ill get to it as soon as possible.

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s-s-feels was like: Where did you get the sonic screwdriver mouse thing? It is BRILLIANT!!!!

You can find it Here!

Copy the code and paste it in the VERY BOTTOM of your html code under your customization page :)

Im glad you like it!

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made by elctra
Sonic Screwdriver Doctor Who